3 Makeup Hacks

With all the travel I’ve been doing, it seems inevitable that I forget something at home. This is especially true when I pack up my makeup, where I inevitably leave an essential product behind. Because of this, I’ve come up with a few hacks along the way, using the products I remembered in place of the ones I forgot. Here are three of my favorite hacks.

1 \\ Forgot your favorite eyeshadow? No worries! Your bronzer will do the trick. Lightly tap your favorite blending brush into your favorite bronzer and swipe it into your crease and outer corners.

makeuphacks (800x533)Makeuphacks (3) (800x533)

2 \\ Forgot everything you need to keep your eyebrows on fleek? (do people still say this?). Don’t fret! Take a cool toned, matte brown eyeshadow on a flat definer brush. Run the powder into your eyebrows. Afterward, spray some hairspray on a spoolie brush (your finger will work too) and comb them into place.

makeuphacks (4) (800x533)makeuphacks (5) (800x533)makeuphacks (6) (800x533)makeuphacks (7) (800x533)

3 \\ Forgot you blush? Don’t panic! Take your favorite rosy lipstick and rub it on your finger. Gently tap the color from the apples of your cheek back to your cheek bones to blend the color. Start lightly and build the color as you go.

makeuphacks (8) (800x533)makeuphacks (10) (800x533)

And there you have it! Do you have any hacks I haven’t thought about? Share them below!


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